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19th May 2019


Ravenstruther and Cleghorn Village Hall


2 Westbank Holdings


Ravenstruther, ML11 8NL


Schedule can be downloaded at :









The breed rescue branch of the ATCS are having a monument built to commemorate the service of thousands of Airedales in WW1


We have opened a crowdfunding site :  




Please donate anything you can afford to this very worthwhile project!


You wil find an artists impression and more details of the proposal by clicking the above link which will take you directly to the crowd-funding site or check out the post on our facebook page.


See shop page for details of fabulous, exclusive, hand-made leather keyfobs - all profits going to the fund!



You can also donate directly by contacting the ATCS club Secretary :

Wendy Turner (details on contacts page)


Below is the very rough artist's impression

which will be a life-sized relief,  carved in granite


Within the next couple of weeks the 30 ton piece of Aberdeenshire granite will be uplifted from the quarry and delivered to the sculptor Bruce Walker in Kirriemuir, Angus.  There is a lot of work and artistic talent involved in turning a 30 ton piece of granite into an approximately 22 ton sculpture.  A special trolley is being made by the haulage and crane company to move the granite inside the studio when it comes off the transport.  Wendy Turner will be visiting the sculptor as he works to get photographs as the monument progresses. The club is being mentioned in the Scottish Parliament for our work in achieving this with the help of Viridor-Credits.